Specific Leaders Speak | Power Management Institute


Gurdeep Singh

Chairman & Managing Director

Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Economies and companies in this competitive world derive their edge through learning and innovation. NTPC is now a 50 GW + Company and all through the journey, it believed that a culture of learning has provided the company with sustained competitive advantage.

The power sector is going through a fundamental reorientation driven by the challenging national goal of delivering 24x7 affordable ‘Power for All’ by 2022. NTPC is committed to provide 'Low cost Low emissions' power, diversify into Solar with significant installed capacity by 2022.

Power Management Institute (PMI) as a leading institute in the sector has onus of developing and delivering focused programmes that prepare Organizations and sector to move ahead in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. I am happy to note that PMI program portfolio includes learning solutions on contemporary themes and also a progressive shift towards technology-driven learning platforms to reach targeted audience at a faster pace.

The institute plays a pivotal role in preparing Company for sustaining performance and technology leadership, through customized programs delivered in collaboration with leading OEMs. NTPC-PMI is focusing on result-driven initiatives with measurable outcomes which will go a long way in blending range with quality.

I wish NTPC PMI all success in its endeavours to become a globally comparable learning center.


Chairman & Managing Director